Letter to the Editor: Transparency


Pharmacy transparency is one of the most vital components of healthcare in this country – sadly, California is severely lagging in this transparency department.

In July, the California Senate Health Committee heard Assembly Bill 315 (AB 315) – it passed unanimously with support from both sides of the aisle.

The legislation, which also passed in the Assembly with tremendous support, would ensure patients gain necessary authority over their own healthcare decisions – including their treatments and prescriptions.

Essentially, AB 315 creates a practical, responsible system for the way in which prescription drug coverage operates in the Golden State. The groups who determine much of patients’ prescription-related needs – pharmacy benefit managers – would now have a reasonable amount of long-needed oversight. More importantly, AB 315 would enhance a patient’s role in his or her own healthcare planning.

Men and women throughout California need and deserve a seat at the table when it comes to their healthcare – AB 315 is the right decision for patients in Los Angeles and beyond.

Herb L. Weinberg, Pharm.D.
Los Angeles


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