Guide to the cover of the 2017 Top 100

Just who ARE all those people on the cover of this year’s Top 100? Inspired by The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s album cover, Capitol Weekly staff collected a myriad group of political figures and otherwise notable Californians. Below is a numbered “Who’s Who.”

1. Culbert Olson, Governor of California
2. Anthony Kennedy, Justice, Supreme Court of the U.S.
3. Linda Ronstadt, Pop star, confidante
4. Jesse Unruh, Big Daddy
5. John Mockler, A father of Prop 98
6. Tom Hayden, State Senator
7. Jane Fonda, Actress, activist
8. Upton Sinclair, Muckraker
9. John Muir, Environmental guru
10, Rose Bird, Chief Justice, California Supreme Court
11. Hiram Johnson, Governor, U.S. Senator
12. Simon Rodia, Creator of Watts Towers
13. Brian Wilson, Beach Boy
14. Dick Bergholz, LA Times political reporter,  Won’t kick Dick Nixon around any more
15. Joe Cerrell, Political strategist
16. William Randolph Hearst, Citizen
17. Willie Mays, The Say Hey Kid
18. Sonny Bono, Pop star, congressman
19. Jack Henning, Labor lobbyist
20. Walt Disney, Animator, visionary
21. Dianne Feinstein, U.S. Senator, Mayor of San Francisco
22. Greg Lucas, State Librarian, journalist
23. Tom Bradley, Mayor of Los Angeles
24. Paul Gann, Father or Prop 13, Part 1
25. Howard Jarvis, Father of Prop 13, Part 2
26. William Mulholland, Father of Los Angeles water system
27. Lincoln Steffens, Muckraker
28. Don Novey, Head of CA Correctional Peace Officers Assn
29. Herb Caen, San Francisco newspaper columnist
30. Huey Newton, Head of Black Panthers
31. Randy Collier, Silver Fox of the Siskiyous
32. Fran Pavley, State Senator, Mother of AB32
33. Gene Autry, Cowboy star
34. Nancy Reagan, First Lady of the United States
35. Richard Nixon, President of the United States
36. Irwin Nowick, Capitol fixture, noted policy wonk
37. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House
38. Earl Warren, Governor of California, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
39. Steve Peace, Producer, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!
40. B.T. Collins, Wounded veteran, Chief of Staff to Jerry Brown
41. Ishi, Last member of Yahi Tribe and “last wild Indian in America”
42. Willie Brown, Speaker of the Assembly, Mayor of San Francisco
43. Pete Wilson, Governor of California
44. John Burton, Senate Fucking Pro Tem
45. Jerry Brown, Governor of California, 1
46. Kevin McCarthy, House Majority Leader
47. George Deukmejian, Governor of California
48. Gray Davis, Governor of California
49. Pat Brown, Governor of California, Father of Jerry
50. Jerry Brown, Governor of California, 2
51. Ronald Reagan, President of the United States
52. Frank Fat, Restaurateur
53. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California, Conan the Barbarian
54. Sheila Kuehl, California State Senator, LA Supervisor
55. Cesar Chavez, Head of United Farm Workers
56. Carol Doda, Exotic Dancer
57. Gary Coleman, Candidate for Governor of California
58. Harvey Milk, San Francisco Supervisor
59. Sutter Brown, First Dog

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