More bills in the Assembly, fewer in the Senate

Nearly 2,300 bills were introduced in for this year’s session — 1,504 Assembly bills and 793 Senate bills — by the Feb. 27 deadline.

Here are some factoids:

–For the first time since 2009, more than 1,500 Assembly bills were introduced in the first year of the session. By the introduction deadline, 1,504 bills had been introduced. On deadline day alone, 432 bills were introduced in  the Assembly.

That compares with 654 Assembly bills introduced on deadline day in 2007, 561 bills in 2009, 457 bills in 2011 and 508 bills on deadline day in 2013.

Meanwhile, over in the Senate:

–The last bill introduced in the Senate on Feb. 27 was SB 793, marking the lowest number of bills introduced in the Senate since 1989. In 2013-14, some 1,467 Senate bills were introduced, and from the 2003-04 session through the 2011-12 session, the Senate bill introductions totaled 1,918, 1,853, 1,781, 1,495 and 1,,580, respectively.

Ed’s Note: The source is Assembly History Clerk Jaci Delight; compiled by Chris Micheli.



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