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Experts Expound: Perata for mayor?

“Don Perata is running for mayor of Oakland — a job he’s always wanted. Can he beat Ron Dellums? Why or why not?”

If there is a white guy in the 510 who could be mayor, it would be Don Perata.

Depends on whether or not he’s indicted.

Maybe. This could end up like Willie Brown leaving Sacramento and going home to beat Frank Jordan in 95. The major difference, of course, is that this would be a white guy trying to beat a black mayor. No one knows how the racial aspect will play.

If Perata can dodge carjackers, the FBI, disgruntled campaign donors and fellow Dems furious with how Perata benefited big time from the Dem caucus piggybank, he should be able to give Dellums a shot.

He can win.  He’ll make the voters an offer they can’t refuse.

Oh, Jeez, apparently Don wants the investigations to continue.

He will have all of those FBI agents following him when he walks precincts. People in Oakland will like this. It is his Posse. Perata wins.

The Feds have given Perata the chance to get some good press, build name ID.

Perata will win…he has a passion for Oakland; Dellums is left only with a passion for pomp.

It will be close. Dellums has the same name I’d and an equal number of supporters.

Oakland Punchline – Ron Dellums is soooo bad that even Don Perata can beat him.

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