Experts Expound

Experts Expound

“Getting rid of term limits in conjunction with a return to a part-time Legislature. Brown’s thinking about this. What do you think?”

It’s Back to the Future … or should we say Forward to the Past!  Part-time Legislatures work well in other states.

I’m betting a part-time Legislature would poll (before arguments) at about 75 percent right now.

Every governor wants a weakened Legislature. It’s in their self-interest. I’m surprised he didn’t ask for a crown as well.

Seems like we will try every possible gimmick and solution until we just completely screw things up.  Brown can think about this all he wants but the voters will have to weigh in.  The Legislature is at the point where sexual predators were before Jessica’s Law – you come up with a way to punish them and the people will vote for it.

Sounds like a populist plan.  Just keep the pay the same.

I heartily concur but only in part. The warnings about the dangers of term limits, specifically no legislative long-term memory, and the lobbyists and bureaucrats in charge, have proven out. But California is one of the largest economies in the world and a part-time Legislature might concentrate power in the hands of the executive and the special interests.  
Why not?  Term limits have failed, and Texas, for example, seems to do just fine with a part-time Legislature that meets every other year.

I have watched as lobbyists have manipulated the process for their clients own special needs. The well-meaning youngsters who think they have so much influence are no match for the third house who by injecting a word or two here and there can defuse or misuse the legislative intent. Therefore, experienced legislators not subject to term limits would be a check on the lobbyists, or in the alternative, easier to put in one’s pocket over the long term.

Getting rid of term limits, great idea. Part-time legislature, terrible idea. Sounds like a typical Sacramento-hatched plan.

Term limits have been disastrous in terms of the functioning of the Legislature, especially the Assembly. And they haven’t produced “citizen politicians,” as was promised, who go back to being butchers, bakers and candlestick makers after their service is up. Rather than a part-time Legislature, though, there need to be much stricter limitations on the number of bills introduced, and with the first six months of each year restricted solely to consideration of the budget and fiscal oversight. Parenthetically, if you look at Brown’s ridiculously light (to non-existent) public schedule every day, it looks like he’s actually a part-time governor.

It’s the only way voters would go for easing term limits.

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