Experts Expound

Experts Expound

“Are Capitol Republicans out-of-step with Republicans out there in the real world? The latest Field Poll suggests exactly that — at least on whether ballot initiatives should all be pushed to November. What do you think?”

Well, I don’t understand what world Republicans are living in, either under the Dome, or out in the cities and burbs, as they navigate our pothole-pitted streets searching far and wide for illegal aliens.   

Real-world Republicans and Capitol Republicans don’t listen to the same music and so can’t be in step. Real-world Reeps don’t grapple with fear and so aren’t asked to exhibit the kind of political courage that could end the career of a Capitol Republican. If they value their safety and political well-being, Capitol Republicans must remain tethered to Grover Norquist and the Tea Party. Not so in the real world.

The so-called GOP leadership, made up of the Christian right, is driving away more moderate voters than it is attracting. It will lose in 2012.

They are definitely out-of-step, but so what? Look at the Democrats in the Capitol who push through hits on CEQA, and look at the Democrats around the state who consider themselves environmentalists. Talk about disconnect.

When all is said and done, putting the initiatives on in November will make little or no difference. Democrats think a bigger turnout will help them in November, but money talks louder than turnout. The Chamber’s deep-pocket pals will just spend more.

Of course California Republicans are out-of-step with the real world. That’s why they’re down to 30 percent of the electorate. And it’s only a matter of time before there are more independent voters than Republicans in California. Think the Whigs.

No. Capitol Republicans reflect Republicans everywhere: paranoid, obsessed with immigration and hypocritically desirous of a free lunch for no sacrifice whatsoever.

Capitol Republicans – and the state Republican Party – are grossly out-of-step with “real world” Republicans.  Indeed, many real world Republicans are now called Decline to State.

This is inside baseball: Republican voters are sick of initiatives, Capitol Republicans see them as their only recourse to punish unions and their enemies.

 They aren’t “in step” with anybody, they’re just rolling around. They need to take steps, but they’ve already been logrolled and they don’t seem to know it.

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