Experts Expound

Experts Expound

“Organized labor gets Brown elected governor and Brown smacks them in the face (vetoes of child-care unionizing, card check, etc). Disloyalty or good politics?”

We’ll see whether it’s good politics or not next year, when Brown will need labor to step up to the plate with tens of millions of dollars if he’s to run a ballot measure to increase taxes. Having said that, loyalty has never been a distinguishing characteristic of Brown’s career.

How about “good public policy” ?

Nobody has ever owned or rented Jerry Brown. He is paddling up the river, trying to move the state forward. As appropriate, he will paddle a little to the left, then a little to the right. Too bad our lawmakers – of both parties – can’t work to that drum beat.  We might actually solve some problems.

Instead of paddling left then paddling right, he hit labor over the head with the paddle. But what’s labor going to do? Back a Republican? Be interesting to see if Antonio takes advantage.

For public labor, it’s the Rolling Stones theorem: You can’t always get what you want …. Unless you’re in the state Legislature.

It is just good policy.  This provides people with a small amount of hope that we have an adult in the governor’s office.  

Didn’t Meg Whitman’s nanny get Brown elected?

Good politics. These actions, combined with his “not every problem deserves a law” comment, may send shivers through the halls of the Capitol but they calm the nerves of moderates, independents and DTSs who worry he may be too liberal or too Moonbeam-ish. Time will tell.

Loyal to the state. Loyal to the people of California. You can sum it up in three words: Four More Years.

It’s good policy. Brown has nothing to lose but his legacy and knocking labor won’t hurt him there. Not if history puts the times in context.

Labor fights for their members.  Brown fights for California.  Sometimes the two worlds collide.

Complete and utter disloyalty, and that’s exactly what you want in a governor. He calls them as he sees them. Too bad he’s not as tough on the Republicans as he is on the Democrats who put him in office.

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