Experts Expound

Experts Expound

What are your suggestions for New Year’s Resolutions for the governor, the
legislative leadership, political consultants, or others on your political

“For Gov. Schwarzenegger: Play well with others. Try being the Cooperator
rather than the Terminator. For Legislative leaders: Remember that you’re
here to serve the public, not just to score political points. Use last
year’s special election victory to strengthen your bargaining position, but
don’t let that block meaningful reforms.”

“Schwarzenegger should resolve to buy a thesaurus and use it so that he can
communicate, in no uncertain terms, what he means when he says, ‘and all
those things.’ All what things?!”

“Mike Murphy should resolve whether he wants to be a consultant for McCain,
Romney or Schwarzenegger in 2006 (pick one, only one)

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