Experts Expound

Experts Expound

“It’s Schwarzenegger vs. Angelides in the general election. What was the
biggest surprise of election night?”

A Baca-free Legislature (finally!)

A Calderon in every pot of the Legislature. And who is John Kraft and what
is he running for next?

Joe Dunn losing to John Chiang. Also, how big Ortiz lost to Bowen. It seems
that the dramatic ads failed to move voters (Dunn’s Enron ad, Ortiz’s
abortion-clinic ad, Speier’s Jonestown ad). Oh yeah, and having no Baca in
the state Legislature.

The library bond going down. What does this tell us about the electorate’s
mood heading into November, where all those infrastructure bonds await voter

I’m surprised Phil Wyman won’t be returning to the Legislature

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