Experts Expound

Experts Expound

The governor has called special legislative sessions on health care and water. What is the outlook for success on these two issues–both of which eluded lawmakers during the regular session?

What happened to that special session on electricity?
It will all be done behind closed doors and then Arnold will declare victory. Since when did we have a water crisis? Do I smell another pork bond heading to the voters?
If they couldn’t do it under the pressure of a deadline, what makes anyone think they can get it done without a firm end date? Look for a “We look forward to tackling these important issues in earnest come January” statement in late September.
They will take meaningful action about the same time they reform the redistricting process.
Something will be done on both issues, but nothing close to a comprehensive solution to either. It’ll be, “Let’s do something so we can say we did, then get the hell out of here.”
We will be able to tell early in the process. If they actually meet in special session and the governor is actively engaged in the process, then some deal will come out of it. It won’t matter what the deal is but some declaration of victory will come from it. If they don’t schedule a time to meet and the governor is overseas, then it is all window dressing.
Wait to see how a Democrat-style health bill is offered in exchange for redistricting.
Well, the guv has handed it back to the democrats. He vetoed their plan and didn’t want to let them get away with blaming him for the lack of a new health-care model. So, smartly, he handed the hot potato back to them by calling a special session. Now it is the Dems turn to compromise and develop something the guv can live with. The outlook for a perceived success is 50-50. Of course, the outlook for an acceptable or actual workable long=term success is much lower given the personalities.
The people from whom we sought opinions: Andrew Acosta, A.G. Block, Deborah Gonzalez, Don Wilcox, Dan Schnur, Sam Sorich, Jason Kinney, Matt Ross, Barry Brokaw, Mike Madrid, Kevin Spillane, Morgan Crinklaw, Ralph Simoni, Garry South, Richard Zeiger, Peter DeMarco, Ray Sotero, Adam Probolsky, Barbara O’Connor, Jim Evans,Rex Frazier, Jeff Fuller, Kassy Perry, Adam Mendelsohn, Ken Gibson, Bill Packer, Jack Pitney, Sandy Harrison, Steve Maviglio, Dale Debber, Nicole Mahrt, Will Shuck, Bob Hertzberg, Evan Goldberg, Roger Salazar, Mark Bogetich, Matt Rexroad, Tony Quinn.

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