Experts Expound

Experts Expound

Health care is a corpse on the table. Time to stop dragging it around like some bad scene out of “Weekend at Bernie’s”. Let it die. Please.

Probably, but the final product will not make anyone happy, and may be subject to a referendum if the governor signs the bill.
I always assumed the Democrats would take what they can get now and change it later….like in 2010 when Jerry Brown is elected governor!

You’re getting an early start on your April Fool’s Day issue, aren’t you …?

History will be made, but the battle will only just be beginning.

Any agreement on a healthcare plan will be at the whim of political brinkmanship. If the Democrat Leadership believes they can get something of greater value for their constituents (labor and trial bar) from the Governor in exchange for healthcare, the deal will get cut. Then we just wait and see what issue the Administration caves on.

Let’s think this through for a second. No, at least not one that meeting the test of being both constitutional and in compliance with ERISA. So it matters not, regardless of the vote they can’t make any of the proposals happen.

Yes we’ll get an agreement, but the $10 billion budget deficit makes this deal an agreeable pig.

From the Legislature’s point of view, the goal has become pass SOMETHING to get it on the ballot to show legislative relevance and help the term limits fight; the Governor just wants to deliver something that will allow him to proclaim victory; ALL know this will blow up on the ballot. The real answer lies with a federal plan which President Clinton/Obama/Edwards and the Democratic Congress will approve in 2009.

The people from whom we sought opinions: Andrew Acosta, A.G. Block, Barry Brokaw, Deborah Gonzalez, Don Wilcox, Dan Schnur, Sam Sorich, Jason Kinney, Matt Ross, Barry Brokaw, Mike Madrid, Kevin Spillane, Morgan Crinklaw, Ralph Simoni, Garry South, Richard Zeiger,  Peter DeMarco, Adam Probolsky, Barbara O’Connor, Jim Evans,Rex Frazier, Jeff Fuller, Kassy Perry, Adam Mendelsohn, Ken Gibson, Bill Packer, Jack Pitney, Sandy Harrison, Steve Maviglio, Dale Debber, Nicole Mahrt, Will Shuck, Bob Hertzberg, Evan Goldberg, Roger Salazar, Mark Bogetich, Matt Rexroad, Tony Quinn.

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