Experts Expound

Experts Expound

Sen. Tom McClintock of Thousand Oaks, for two decades the Capitol’s best-known conservative, is considering running for John Doolittle’s Rocklin congressional seat. Will he win, or will he be rejected as a carpetbagger?

If he runs, he wins.

How cynical can politics get? To see the conservative conscience of the legislature resort to moving 500 miles to run for office is, at least, disheartening. But, to answer your question, no, he will not win — nor should he.

He’ll win. Conservative is more important than carpetbagger.

He will eat the other candidates for lunch in that district, although I suspect Rico Oller will give him some indigestion. In truth, there are three carpetbaggers running for that job, and adjoining Congressman Dan Lungren formerly served from Long Beach. Carpetbagging? Not a problem. …

He would win.

McClintock wouldn’t be considered any more of a carpetbagger than Doug Ose or Rico Oller. Pity District 4, though. Its residents finally shed Doolittle the sleazebag, and right-wingers are lining up to take his place. McClintock might gain some traction based on his ultraconservative reputation, but he already holds a modern-day political record as a four-time loser in bids for statewide office.

Sen. McClintock’s runs at statewide office have helped him build a loyal cadre of followers across California. Now that the Republicans are in the minority in Congress and have zero responsibility for governing, this is a perfect fit.

He can win but, jeez — for a guy who rails against gubment so much, he sure likes to be on its teat!

Tom McClintock seems to connect with conservative voters at a level that transcends consistency or rationality, so it’s doubtful a little thing like carpetbagging could stand between him and the faithful.

District voters may figure that Tom McClintock would most effectively represent their views in Washington, D.C., and vote for him.
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