Experts Expound

Experts Expound

"The latest wrinkle in the race for Democratic presidential nomination: a possible convention of superdelegates. Is this a good idea? Are Dems shooting themselves in the feet? Are the pledged delegates now irrelevant?"

As Willie Brown told the California Democratic Party convention this weekend, "the rules are the rules." And whoever has the most delegates – super or otherwise – deserves to win.

It would temporarily taint the process with a weird elitist vibe, but in the end the victory will be so dramatic that the story of the Democratic nomination will eclipse the staid, boring nomination of McBush.

Not happening. I'm hoping Clinton and pull it off because she'll be easier to beat.

As I understand it, it would be a "virtual" convention of superdelegates, so as to avoid the "smoke-filled room" perception. The pledged delegates are not irrelevant – if the superdelegates overturn Obama's pledged delegate lead, the Democratic Party will be in shambles.

If this rumor is true, the notion that a convention exclusive to superdelegates would choose the nominee – thus making pledged delegates irrelevant – is a classic example of being stupid in a public place. Tells the world that Democrats don't really care about the democratic process, that they would rather have elite insiders make the call. Sure, that'll bring people flocking back to the party.
Great civics lesson for Americans – your vote counts, but not if the party leaders want someone else! Should really motivate people to continue cherishing their right to vote.

Democrats selecting their candidate in a brazenly undemocratic fashion? Brilliant.

Democrats often shoot themselves in the feet. … It is a version of "we have met the enemy and he is us." The good news is that the Republican nominee may shoot himself in the head. … "I don't know much about the economy," and "We could be in Iraq for the next 100 years." The pledges aren't irrelevant; their votes will count as directed on the first ballot. It's just gonna take the superdelegates to get to the majority needed.

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