Experts Expound

Experts Expound

“Come November, McCain or Obama?”

McCain in a cakewalk.


Either way, we’re toast.

Right now, Obama appears to be getting stronger just as McCain is suffering from an endless string of mini- and not-so-mini-implosions. The great unknown is the Tom Bradley effect — how many Democrats won’t vote for a black man for President and will just sit on their hands come November.

Keep hope alive. Hillary!

With $5 a gallon gas, a recession, and an endless Iraq war, Obama……but it may JUST be an Electoral College win. That does count, right?

Obama. In any other year, I don’t know if he could pull it off.

Obama. Heard McCain at Spanos’ last week. No more straight talk. Hard to tell the truth and be a maverick and keep to the right.

Obama will grow on people once Hillary is out.

Obama. McCain is too old. Heck, he’s even older than John Howard.

Obama needs a Silver Bullet to put him over the top or he’ll be done in by middle-aged whites who’ll vote for McCain, who will own the South. Otherwise, Dems could only beat McCain if a brokered convention results in a Gore-Obama ticket (w/Gore on top).

Obama, of course. It may not even be close. But Clinton would have beaten McCain, too.

Obama. He’s the one Democrat who could actually lose, but Bush will drag McCain down.

Obama will win by a huge margin in California but that really doesn’t matter. Democrats have narrowed the field to the only two candidates that would allow Republicans four more years in the White House.

Republicans can not hide from what they have done; voters experience the GOP’s failure with every trip to the grocery store, and every stop at the gas station. Nothing in the world can wash from McCain the stain of his party’s corrupt incompetence. Obama will be the next president.

It’ll be about turnout. If turnout is low to average, meaning most of the voters are older, affluent, white conservative property owners, then McCain wins. But if it’s a high turnout, meaning younger and poorer people, students, minorities, those with less stake in the status quo, are participating in good numbers, Obama can prevail, and handily.

The people from whom we sought opinions: Elizabeth Ashford, Andrew Acosta, A.G. Block, Mark Bogetich, Barry Brokaw, Morgan Crinklaw, J Dale Debber, Peter DeMarco, Jim Evans, Kathy Fairbanks, Jeff Fuller, Rex Frazier, Ken Gibson, Evan Goldberg, Deborah Gonzalez, Sandy Harrison, Bob Hertzberg, Jason Kinney, Mike Madrid, Nicole Mahrt, Steve Maviglio,  Adam Mendelsohn, Barbara O’Connor, Bill Packer, Kassy Perry, Jack Pitney, Adam Probolsky, Tony Quinn, Matt Rexroad, Matt Ross, Roger Salazar, Dan Schnur, Will Shuck, Ralph Simoni, Sam Sorich, Ray Sotero, Gary South, Kevin Spillane, Rich Zeiger.

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