Experts Expound

Experts Expound

“Given all that’s happened in this state in 2008, how would you rate Gov. Schwarzenegger’s effectiveness as a governor and politician?”

His acting career is looking better all the time.

He’s a show horse, not a work horse, in short, a disappointing bust.

As a governor, he’s less effective than Gray Davis, which makes him the least effective since Goodwin Knight. As a politician he’s highly effective, but that’s only because he was famous coming in — in short, he’s a total failure.
I’d give him a D on both.  The only reason it’s not an F is because I grade on a curve.

D-minus as governor.  C-plus as politician.  He still continues to function as if he is a movie star or bodybuilder, never having completely made the shift to a political leader.  On the whole, a bust.  The state is in no better condition than when he replaced Davis, a huge indictment of his leadership.    

B-plus as politician and a D-minus as Governor.  Of course, the true tragedy of the Schwarzenegger Administration is that he is either unwilling or incapable of applying his infinite strengths as a politician to becoming a more effective Governor.
Let’s see, over the past five years, he’s squandered nearly every cent of his once-formidable cache of political capital. Accomplished almost nothing on his own initiative and currently is pissing away creative opportunities presented to him by legislative Democrats. As a governor, his real budget is six months late. That alone rates an F.

As a politician, he really isn’t. He’s an actor playing a politician — with a bad script and zero ability to ad-lib.

What happened to the guy with the broom who was going to sweep out the special interests?

Arnold Schwarzenegger has lost his way in Sacramento and will ultimately be ranked as one of the least effective Governors of our time.

It’s The Great Wasted Opportunity.  He has learned the truth — the public employees’ unions control Sacramento, and they are sending our state to ruins.

In California, good. On the national and world stage, very good.

When the Governor remembers that a Republican, even in a moderate state, stands for lower taxes, less government regulation and interference, and individual freedoms, I’ll rate him higher. I liked the things he said when he ran the first time. Now he’s become just another politician.

As a politician you have to give the man high marks.  He and Senator Feinstein are probably the two most popular elected officials in the state.

As a policy maker on budget issues, his legacy is in shambles right now.  The action has not matched the campaign talk.  Some of this has been dictated by events but much of it has been a lack of direction or a lack of core fundamental beliefs.

Maybe building a relationship with the Legislature would have made a difference because, after five years, Arnold has no accomplishments nor a legacy.

Outside of environmental issues, Schwarzenegger is without question the worst Governor California has ever seen.
Right up there with Gray Davis…

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