Experts Expound

Experts Expound

Spending cap goes down because voters see the word taxes, 1B passes but many of the rest go down. 1F passes by a wide margin, because the one thing voters agree on is that they hate the people they keep electing.There’s no way this budget mess is over on May 20.

It’s all up to the unions.  If they stay out, most of this will limp through.  Anything they decide to weigh in against will go down.  Deep.

The whole package goes down in flames….

Approved. No visible opposition emerges.

It’s not whether they go down in flames, it’s a matter of how big the flames will be.

Much depends on how actively unions and others campaign against them. Even with little opposition, voters will likely say no if the economy continues to tank. The Lottery proposal, however, appears to be a loser from the start, given recent polling.

Depends on what labor does — if they stay on the sidelines, the package has a chance of winning.

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