Experts Expound

Experts Expound

“For the anti-Proposition 1A people, the question is, where’s the money? Will Meg Whitman, Steve Poizner and others who publicly oppose 1A actually open up their wallets?”

Possibly. They need to check in with their leader, Jon Fleischman. They will do what he instructs them to do — drink the Kool-Aid, put on the black Nike hi-tops, donate.

A wonderful rhetorical question. Whitman and Poizner are being simplistic at best, and are failing to articulate solutions to a monster problem. So far, Campbell is the only constructive voice on the Republican side.

Of course not. What in it for them? It’s not that they actually care about this stuff. But saying you’re opposed is what it takes to garner the right-wing fanatic votes that are necessary to win Republican primaries these days.

Why would they want to inherit an even bigger crisis? I imagine they’ll stick to the talk-is-cheap routine.

No they won’t. They have other fish to fry and the coalition of the willing behind the governor is too large. They will grouse but not fund.

No, because their demagoguery on the issue to placate the no-new-taxes GOP base will be overridden by their certain knowledge that if these measures fail, California could go into fiscal free fall — a situation they would inherit if either became governor. Better to bitch about the tax increases than try to actually stop them.

They are the only ones who could.

Poizner has a history of digging into his wallet on ballot propositions where he has taken a position. Watch….he will play low seven figures on Prop 1A. We will see if Whitman is more bark than bite.

The Governor’s not getting the checks needed to fund a yes vote. A no vote is easy and won’t take big bucks.

It’s hard to see either Poizner or Whitman funding the opposition campaign. They need support from the GOP base for their own campaigns, but neither one will be that upset if 1A passes.

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