Experts Expound

Experts Expound

“The governor is digging in his heels and trashing the Legislature, the speaker says the Big 5 meetings are a waste of time and the state has gone to IOUs. Will this budget imbroglio ever be resolved?”

Not in our lifetime..

Well, um, yes — it has to be resolved. The key question is “when?” The problem seems to be a complete lack of adult supervision.
As soon as the governor decides it’s more important to balance the budget than sit in his Jacuzzi at night and smoke a stogie.

Now that the Controller has issued IOUs and said the state can survive until September, we’re screwed. Politics trumps good public policy.

No. Voters are going to have to pass another hare-brained initiative that looks like it will fix things, but will only make them worse in the long run. And then, after the new part-time Legislature fails to sort it out, another zany initiative will arrive. Lather, rinse, repeat.

The longer it goes on, the harder it will be. Single issue lobbyists are hammering everyone. The parties are under enormous pressure and positions are hardening. Name calling and boycotting of meetings are never a good communication indicator. I hope they don’t wait until September. I thought they were close but things are getting more hostile. Arresting demonstrators in wheel chairs is never a good sign.

The budget imbroglio will not be solved with the return of Steve Maviglio.

It all depends on whether the governor blinks. If he does not, then actual state program cuts affecting eligibility will be necessary.

My money is on Arnold to win the PR war unless he kicks CTA in the balls again.

Only when China decides to purchase a controlling interest in California.

Pain must be a factor. If no one is feeling hurt, nothing will change.

These politicians need to quit playing hide-the-cigar and start working on ways to reduce the state’s expenses. It seems as though the Dems are totally controlled by the unions, far beyond what might be reasonable. And the unions are proving themselves to be the most destructive special interest in California’s history. Speaker Bass needs to grow up and face the unintended reality of her actions.

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