Experts Expound

Experts Expound

“Carly Fiorina’s ‘demon sheep’ ad seems to have legs — four of them. But will the ad have any affect on the U.S. Senate race?”



Only really stupid stunts like putting former Mayor Frank Jordan in a shower naked with two radio DJs has that result. It was so out of character, it scared his base.

A highly unorthodox ad that insiders and 24/7 campaign gamers will probably never forget. But the broader electorate is more closely watching gas prices and unemployment numbers than they are web-based ads not designed for TV.  Plus, Fiorina has been executing fairly well on the stump lately and is raising plenty of money. If she keeps that up, the Demon sheep saga will fade into obscurity.

It should. Conservatives and Republicans should be outraged. Aside from the lemming, sheep are the most demagogue-susceptible, rudderless, thought-less animals on the ark — easily led to just about anywhere. Carly seems to think her primary constituency is a bunch of sheep.

Boy, calling Tom Campbell a “FCINO,” wow, baaaaaddd stuff……yawn, yawn, yawn.

Not really but its a good conversation starter about the race.

It’s all about cranking up the conversation about the campaign. Nobody pays attention this early in the race. Now, everybody’s talking about it.

Aside from the goofiness, the ad rightly calls into question Campbell’s claim to be a fiscal conservative.  Fiorina should continue hammering the point home that Campbell believes in higher taxes.

I’m still having nightmares after seeing this commercial.

If Campbell is smart (and he is), he can turn this around on her and make it a mockery – especially in light of her gaffes, such as suggesting that California should consider bankruptcy.

It helped give a reason why people were already going to vote one way or the other.  No difference has been made for June.

Does this in any way box Barbara in? No. Can Carly and her demon sheep pull the wool over our eyes? No.

The message is that Republicans view themselves as sheep. Good sheep and demon sheep, but sheep. So it hurts all the Republican sheep and helps Boxer.

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