Democrats’ political theater comes to San Diego

This weekend, California Democrats will bring their political theater to the city of San Diego. At this year’s Democrat convention, Californians can expect to hear more of the same from the Democrat’s finest talking heads: pandering to opinion polls and continued failure to offer real solutions to the most pressing problems faced by our state and the rest of the nation.

Congressional members:
It has been over 100 days since Democrats took control of the U.S. Congress. In that time, the majority party’s promises to tackle the tough issues facing our country and reduce the partisan bickering in Washington have fallen by the wayside. Why? Because Democrats like Speaker Nancy Pelosi continue to manage the Congress poorly–and put politics over policy.

Of the 17 bills Democrats have managed to send to the president’s desk, 10 were for naming post offices and other federal buildings. Also under this Democrat leadership, not a single piece of legislation from Speaker Pelosi’s “Six for ’06” agenda has made it out of Congress–something Pelosi should try explaining while in San Diego this weekend.

What have the Democrats focused on in over 100 days of Congressional majority? They voted for the largest tax increase in American history and, after Election Day promises to end the practice of earmarked pork-barrel spending, they added $21 billion in earmarks to a bill meant to fund our troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. With these actions, the Democrat campaign promises of fiscal restraint and a strong national defense were abandoned. White flags adorned with earmarks can be found in the halls of this infant Democrat congress–all waving in the name of partisan gain.

Democrat presidential contenders:
While in California this weekend, we encourage Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the rest of the Democrat presidential field to explain why the Democrat Congress has accomplished little more than voting for the largest tax increase in American history and for policies soft on national security.

We don’t expect Obama to have an answer. Given his rookie status in the candidate field and his propensity to speak to solving issues like health care without first formulating a plan to do so, we expect nothing more than shallow rhetoric from this Illinois politician.

As for Senator Clinton, we expect cold, calculated speeches and answers catering to the Democrat base, likely poll-tested but devoid of leadership and vision. It’s our hope that she takes time in San Diego to explain her true stance on the war to area service members.

San Diego’s finest spas should expect a visit by John Edwards. Who knows, the staff may be lucky enough to get a preview of one of his poverty speeches while tending to a $400 haircut. One is only left wondering what gratuity the Senator believes will bridge the “two Americas.” Fifteen percent sounds about right. Undoubtedly, $60 is far more than most American’s would pay for a haircut altogether.

State Legislature:
And there is nothing different about the Democrats in Sacramento. As Californians continue to deal with a failing school system, a prison system threatened by a federal takeover, a market slowdown and a state of affairs where a majority of our counties are facing the early release of convicted criminals, California Democrats have been more worried about making headlines, attending national forums and extending their terms in office than facing the realities that plague our communities.

These legislative Democrats will try to sell their convention-goers on the idea that a “Tough on Crime” Democrat is one who believes in sentencing commissions, the early release of criminals and advocates that if a person is caught with less than 100 pieces of child pornography, the suspect should be exempted from felony charges.

The Wild Card:
The Wild Card this year is Assembly Speaker Fabian N

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