Big Daddy

Dear Big Daddy

Hey Big Daddy,
It looks like an attempt at redistricting reform is following the
campaign-finance-reform effort down the same legislative rat hole this year,
though at least the voters will get to vote for a campaign-finance-reform
measure in November. What’s your view of public financing? Should we be
taking the money out of politics, and is something like Proposition 89 going
to do it?

I love white-hatted do-gooders, I really do. Especially when they’re built
like Gina Lollobrigida.

I know Big Daddy has a reputation of being a bit of a black hat, thanks in
part to a few too many “mother’s milk of politics” comments that have been
taken out of context more and more often as the years drift on by. However,
in all modesty, I should point out that I authored my fair share of
do-gooder bills that somehow seem to get drowned out by the ad nauseam
references to “eat their food, drink their liquor

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