No. 94: Capitol Weekly’s Top 100

Illustration by Chris Shary

94. David Quintana

With a new firm (Resolute), a new office (in the Esquire) and a new podcast (Politicalish), lobbyist David Quintana (aka “Q”) seems to have settled in after a few years of upheaval. What hasn’t changed much are the clients – Quintana represents a bevy of cannabis interests, several Indian Tribes and Netflix, among others. If Q is known for one thing (aside from his trademark look: shaved head, stevedore’s shoulders and flashy suits) it is the annual Back to Session Bash that he has organized each January since 2005. (Full disclosure, Capitol Weekly is a media sponsor of the Bash.) The Bash is Quintana’s baby, and each detail – from the cigar bar to the classic hip hop – is carefully selected by the man himself. With its six-figure budget and guest list of political all-stars, The Bash is unlike any other event in Sacramento – honestly, where else could you expect to find Lil Jon and Nancy Skinner on the same dance floor?

Updated Aug. 11, 2020

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