Capitol Weekly’s Top 100 for 2022 – the Podcast!

Capitol Weekly Podcast: Each year Capitol Weekly publishes The Top 100 – our rundown of the 100 people in California who are NOT in elected office, but who have had the biggest impact on California public policy and politics. We published the 2022 edition on August 9 and released it at a reception that night.

This episode Capitol Weekly’s John Howard and Tim Foster discuss some of the names on this year’s list, some of the folks on past lists, the process that produces The Top 100, the Swing Space, the FBI visit to Mar a Lago, when to fill your swimming pool — and of course, tell you who had the worst week in California politics.

:36 The Swing Space

2:37 The Top 100

3:00 The interviews

4:02: A Horseshoe state of mind

5:34 Lauren Sanchez

5:55 Ben Chida

8:10 Lorena Gonzalez

9:04 The funders

9:24 Arnie Sowell Jr.

14:19 Joe Stephenshaw

17:06 Correction: Robbie Hunter DOES NOT consult for WSPA

18:08 Liane Randolph

19:50 Andrew Meredith

21:00 Christy Bouma

21:36 Anthony York

22:58 Matt Rexroad

23:40 Kimberly Rodriguez

24:31 Lorena Gonzalez

24:45 Dana Williamson

26:51 Alice Busching Reynolds

27:01 Kurt Oneto

27:44 Lynn Valbuena

29:27 Nick Rowley

31:04 Karen Getman

31:54 Michael Romano

33:01 Randall Hagar

37:38 John Norwood

39:24 David Pruitt

41:04 Tal Kopan and Joe Garofoli

45:29 The Top 100 Party

48:55 #WWCA

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