Capitol Weekly podcast: Scott Lay

Scott Lay, editor and founder of The Nooner, the widely read online information source that tracks campaign cash and offers political analyses. (Photo: John Howard)

Recorded May 20, 2017: In  the heat of the convention battle for the state Democratic Party leadership, when  the outcome was still in doubt, The Nooner’s Scott Lay sat down with Capitol Weekly Editor John Howard to chat about the intense fight among the party delegates to pick a successor to John Burton, the party chair since 2009.

In one corner are establishment Dems headed by long-time labor leader and political power Eric Bauman. In the other, further to the left, are the “Berniecrats” led by Kimberly Ellis, a well-known activist who seeks more women in political office. For a good description  of the Berniecrats’ role leading up to the convention, click here  for our story of May 8.

Inspired by the candidacy of Bernie Sanders, the Berniecrats surged in activity during the 2016 election and have continued to agitate for progressive causes. More moderate Democrats — often longtime party officials — have caught flak from the base for their more measured approach.

Several hours after our podcast, Bauman captured a razor-thin victory — 60 votes out of about some 2,900 cast. Ellis immediately saidf she was having lawyers look into the result,.

John and Scott discuss the atmosphere at the convention and what all this means for the party in California — and in D.C.

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