Capitol Weekly Podcast: Joe Rodota

The Watergate complex in Washington D.C

Political consultant-turned-author Joe Rodota joins the Capitol Weekly Podcast to talk about his new book: The Watergate – Inside America’s Most Infamous Address.

The story of the Watergate break-in has been well-told, but in this “biography of a building,” Rodota weaves a fascinating history that includes more than just the events of June 17, 1972. The Watergate was home to myriad players on the national stage, including Senator Bob Dole – and his next-door neighbor, Monica Lewinsky. Rodota introduces odd figures on the fringes of history like Aline Griffith, the “Dowager Countess” of Romanones who fancied herself a spy, and real CIA operative Walter Pforzheimer, who built the agency’s official  library and had thousands of volumes in his apartment.

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