Capitol Trivia

If you think what goes on under the Capitol on a regular basis is trivial,
wait until you see our new feature. Capitol Trivia tests the memories of
the seasoned Capitol hands and offers newbies a chance to learn something
about the dark underbelly of California political history.

1. Who won the Berman-McCarthy war?
2. What was the Senate budget committee called before the creation of
the two fiscal committees?
3. Why was Richard Polanco appointed to the Public Safety Committee?
4. Who proposed “smart budgets” during the early 1990s fiscal crisis?
5. What was the Doolittle Dip?
6. Which Assembly member was unseated after a recount?
7. Which Assembly member was expelled?
8. Who was Jack Watson?
9. What did Jack carry that worried people?
10. Who was Polly Gardner?
11. What was Assemblyman Chet Wray famous for? (Hint: His nick name was
Chet Wray Chet)
12. Who did Wilson nominate for State Superintendent of Public
Instruction after Senator Bergeson’s defeat?
13. Who did Wilson nominate for treasurer after Dan Lungren’s defeat?

1. Willie Brown
2. Senate Finance Committee
3. To vote to put a state prison
in Gloria Molina’s district.
4. John Vasconcellos.
5. A gerrymandered portion
of a Senate district.
6. Adrian Fondse. Pat Johnston
was seated in January after
the fall
7. Richard Mountjoy in December 1994, leading to Willie Brown retaining
the speakership despite only winning 39 seats.
8. Chief consultant to the Senate Finance Committee when Al Rodda was
9. A gun.
10. Longtime receptionist for Senator Ralph Dills.
11. After reading a speech from four-by-six cards, he’d read it again.
12. Corporate raider Sanford “Sandy” Sigoloff. His nomination later was
13. Tom Hayes

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