Big Daddy

Big Daddy

Hey Big Daddy,
So, it’s down to three on American Idol. Who’s it going to be – Kris, Adam or Danny?

Pondering in Portola

Hey Pondering,
Funny you should ask, because I was just wondering something about American Idol myself. Granted, I’ve never seen the show, but can someone please explain to me how a glorified karaoke competition becomes the most popular show in America?

I mean, really. Do I need to hear somebody sing Wind Beneath My Wings or whatever over-vocalized ballad they’re vamping over on any given day? If you want to go out and get too drunk to stand, and lead a couple of drunks in a rendition of the Big Rock Candy Mountain, I get it. But American Idol? Really? The entire thing seems about as ridiculous as all the clamor over the Miss California competition, or Karen Bass celebrating her one-year anniversary as Speaker.

Which reminds me: Am I the only one who thinks the whole Miss California thing is a writ-large example of political correctness run amok? The woman was put on the spot, asked a super-charged political question that seemed totally out of context for this particular competition. And say what you will about her political views, she gave a very respectful and what seemed to be a thoughtful answer in a very awkward spot.

The whole episode exposed the dark underbelly of political liberalism, and fed every single stereotype they make about you folks on conservative talk radio. Really, you want to strip a beauty queen of her crown because she opposes gay marriage for religious reasons? Seems a bit much.

I’m not condoning her views. But the overreaction to her answer as if she had called for some kind of Lyndon LaRouche-style roundup of every gay man, woman and child gives liberals everywhere a bad name. Hell, you know you’re in trouble when Donald Trump gets called in from the bullpen to be the voice of reason.

And as for the speaker, I’m sure this year has felt like an eternity, but really, does the speaker want us to carefully ponder and reflect where we’ve come in the last year? I’ve got a $20 billion itch that seems to be suggesting that we’re all another year closer to death, but otherwise right back where we started from.

Sure, she did the whole Ed McMahon thing, presenting an oversized check to the EDD department. Hey, maybe she could give them a working phone system while they’re at it.

It’s not that marking a one-year anniversary or staff pay raises are bad things in and of themselves. It’s the timing.
It all seems to suggest a level of tone deafness not seen since, well, some of those early rounds of American Idol.
OK, so maybe I’ve seen it once…

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