Author’s Corner: Jay Johnson

Jay Johnson is the author of the previously released book “Wake Up America! You Are Being Destroyed By The Liberal Left.” He currently runs Johnson Better Care Facility, an assisted living facility that has remained in the Johnson family for over 30 years. Prior to taking over the family business, Johnson ran a variety of businesses, from a beauty salon in Miami, Florida, to owning a real estate/mortgage company in North Dublin, Ireland, for three years. Johnson also served in the United States Army from 1987 to 1993. He currently resides in Dunn, North Carolina, with his wife and four daughters. His new book, “The New and Improved Republican: Look Out, Washington! The GOP is Coming Back with a Vengeance!”, is available at,, and

What do you think the Republican Party should do in order to be successful in the age of Obama?
Modernize! We need a complete makeover. A new vision  and a new message to a “new” America. We cannot continue to pander to an America (and party) that no longer exists. That’s like putting a band-aid on a broken leg. The demographics just aren’t there anymore. We need to start opening our doors to everyone in America (who share conservative views obviously!) if we want to survive as a viable party. It’s a no-brainer. That goes for all races, religions & sexual preferences…After all, it was WE, The GOP who were the original champions of the civil rights movement in America — NOT the Democratic Party. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a REPUBLICAN! Read your history young, gullible America!

What are some ways in which America  is turning away from capitalism?
Gee…hmmm..? Let’s see? Oh! I know, how about how the Barack Obama Regime (oops, I meant Administration) has taken over our financial system (banks), soon to be Healthcare system, creating czars (we now have 32) out of absolutely nowhere, who have NO experience & who were never elected by anyone, hijacking tax and trade (oops, there I go again – CAP and trade), taxing the American people (middle class who make $30,000 a year right on up to the richest bracket in existence) into oblivion, implementing a “European style” VAT (Value Added Tax) system at the 23 percent level and on and on…  

What kinds of detriments will socialist policies bring to America?
To be blunt, it will destroy our “standing” on a global level. As far as taxes, the census, cap-and-trade and other policies…we can repeal those with a new Republican Administration in 2012 and with newly held republican seats in the House come 2010 – the mid-term congressional elections.

You ran a beauty salon in Miami, a real estate company in Dublin, and served in the US Army. Did you ever imagine yourself becoming a political author?
I’ll tell you the truth Michael….even though I have always been in tune with “the body politic” in America throughout the last 25 years, I have never really had an urge to become as involved as I have been in the last decade. When you get married, buy a home, own a business (that makes quite a large amount of money), have children, send your kids to school, pay taxes … and basically kids embedded into “the system” like most people do later in life, you don’t really care who’s in office, or what bills/policies are passed…

What do you think stirred your interests in politics, and writing about politics?
I wasn’t cursed from birth with the “gullible gene.” I cannot be swayed, hypnotized or brainwashed. I’m a hardcore person. I say what I mean and  mean what I say. I scare the hell out of people when I speak because I know what lies ahead for us as a nation having experienced the “other” side. Everyday I walk outside my door, I’m confronted with stupidity & ignorance. I’ll admit it, I know I’m not a political genius and I’m not a sociologist…

You seem to write in a confrontational, unorthodox style. Why did you decide to write in this unique way?
My writing style? Confrontational and unorthodox? Let’s put it this way Michael,  when you speak to someone, do you speak in the “literary” manner in which most books are written? Of course not. Neither do I. My “writing style” mirrors the way most people speak. In a casual, conversational manner. It’s easier to comprehend.

In addition, when I write, I want my words to jump off the page and hit you in the face! Artists use paint & different colors to tell their story in a painting or sculpture. I use words. We are living in a “reality show” type of environment now.

Your first book, “Wake Up America! You are Being Destroyed by the Liberal Left,” came out in 2004. Do you think your message to America has changed since then?

Actually, everything that I predicted in the first book; “Wake Up America!” has come true. My latest book; “The New & Improved Republican” is a “spin-off” of the 1st book. Chapter 7 in “Wake Up America!” was titled “The New & Improved Republican….”

What up and coming politicians do you think voters should look to as an example of the ‘New and Improved Republicans?’
I believe (as opposed to the past), Republican politicians are going to be a bit more “methodical” in how we approach the body politic from now on out. In the past, we would “charge right in” without thinking out our gameplan in detail. It cost us a lot of voters & a lot of support from Independents. This time around, we are going to sit back and wait for the Dems to hang themselves.

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