Big Daddy

Ask Big Daddy

Dear Big Daddy,

I’m a Dem who voted for both Gavin Newsom and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now Newsom’s dating a restaurant hostess half his age, acting drunk in public and getting busted for sleeping with his campaign manager’s wife. Arnold keeps making dumb comments on tape and getting them posted on the Web. I’m so annoyed I could vote for Starchild.

–Playa Hata

Dear Hata,

All Arnold really said was Republicans are clueless, the speaker is shiftless and the pro tem is convictionless (for the moment). Basically, he’s guilty of being in touch with reality.

Anyway, with all the talk of Newsom violating the “man code,” I can’t help but thinking there must be some archaic 1880s-era man code still on the books about dissing your same-party male colleagues to your lesbian chief of staff. We’ll get the man-lawyers to look into that.

But the person hurt most this time was Bonnie Garcia. I hear the governor didn’t mention her at all.

Moving on to Newsom, someone once said, “There’s a fine line between a sex addict and a man.”

That someone may have been me, around now, but I think it applies here. When temptation meets opportunity, good sense had better have health insurance. And the only thing Newsom has more of than hair gel is opportunity. If I were Newsom, I’d

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