Big Daddy

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Dear Big Daddy,

As a Democrat and a woman, I’ve been wowed by the meteoric rise of Barack Obama. But the election is still way off, and my favorite candidate is starting to look like a flash in the pan. Will Obama suffer from premature electability?

–Hot for Obama

Dear Hot,

So if it ain’t Barack, fix it? Feeling a little Hussein in the membrane? You’ll be Obummed if it’s not Obama?

Not having funruh with Unruh? Fine, but my Obama slogans aren’t any worse than a lot of the ones already in circulation.

I tend to look down on national politics. The truly interesting stuff lately is happening at the state level (read: “California,” then pat yourself on the back). Let’s just say there’s a reason I left Texas, and when I did, my village still had its idiot (though I admit he was a relative). Anyway, if California gets any better at acting like an independent country, they might invite us to join the EU.

And I don’t much like pretty boys. But I recognize the Oval Office has been lacking a real sexiness factor since JFK. So now we have Obama, who appears to be equal parts Taye Diggs and Howard Dean. Remember him? Dean was a great early frontrunner. He put the target on his back, took the vitriol and had every slight mistake dissected until he literally screamed.

I can’t picture Obama doing that (though you might enjoy it), but wearing the “kick me” sign was supposed to be Hillary’s job. Fox News was saving all their un-loving for her, but as the made-up-madrassa story shows, there’s someone else on their minds–and that’s not good. Get ready for “Obama claims he invented oxygen” and Swift Boat Veterans Who Think He’s Really Not All That Cute.

But what you should really fear is the “Barack, call me when you’re ready to take a stand” ad. I mean, while you were being seduced by all those beautiful, eloquent words, did you happen to notice a position he could even flip-flop on?

But now he’s apologizing for saying troops lives were “wasted.” Obama needs to remember his vote against the war is one of the best things he has going for him–and then take a page from the Dean playbook and fight back.

So come November 8, will Obama still be da bomb-a? History tells us it’s unlikely, but he’ll always have the audacity of rhyme.

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