Big Daddy

Ask Big Daddy

Dear Big Daddy,

I’ve been following the term-limits reform, and I don’t think it will solve the real problem: Legislators who won’t go away. Every couple years there’s a new crop moping around the Capitol. Maybe we could expand the BOE to 40 slots to keep them off the streets.

–Not naming names

Dear Refusing to say John Burton,

Just say it. John Burton. Doesn’t that feel better?

OK, it’s hardly just John. He just stands out in his bright red Hell’s Bowling Team shirts. His transition is the easiest to spot, as well–from the finest liberal legislator and all-around playa (as the kids say) since Big Daddy himself, to harassing people outside of Tootsie’s.

And, believe me, I’m sympathetic. Heck, I served a dozen years as treasurer just to stay near the action, but really, the whole time I wanted to be back in the Leg. My sweet, sweet Leg

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