Big Daddy

Ask Big Daddy

Dear Big Daddy,

I like how Arnold meets criticism head on–like going on Rush Limbaugh’s show. What did you think of the guv’s radio appearance?

–Schwarzenegger Democrat

Dear Redundant,

Arnold needs to be careful. Picking fights with fictional characters is one of the most dangerous things a Republican politician can do. Arnold ought to be riding high right now, not emulating Dan Quayle.

I know, I know, there are people who insist this Limbaugh character is real. People said the same thing about Sasquatch and that lobbyist who wants to take you out to lunch with no strings attached.

Sure, I kind of remember seeing the actor who plays Rush hanging around Sacramento in my later years. It’s hard to forget a face so perfect for radio. But, I’m sorry, no one who makes up as much stuff as Rush does can claim to be real and be taken seriously. You ask me, that Borat guy ought to buy him some Viagra for being such a trailblazer.

And really, what was the point of this exercise? Of course Arnold’s a bad conservative. That’s why he’s governor of California rather than, say, unemployed and facing indictment.

But really, this was all a segue to talk about another GOP politician who is picking a fight with a fictional character. I’m referring, of course, to California Boating and Waterways Commission member Jon Fleischman. On December 18, Jon took on none other than Big Daddy using his popular “Flash Report” Web site with a column called “Big Daddy Loves Big Government.”

To quote: “Daddy, I know that some concepts are hard for you to understand. So let me just spell it out in very simple terms

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