30 Days Out From the 2022 Election – Paul Mitchell

CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: Political data-cruncher, and frequent Capitol Weekly Podcast guest, Paul Mitchell joins us to read the political tea leaves, 30 days out from the 2022 election. Hang on!

27: What to look for, 30 days out

4:55 Candidate quality

7:43 Could control of the House come down to California’s congressional delegation?

9:48 “There is a 60% chance that one party will win both (House and Senate)”

10:25 How does VBM affect October Surprises?

16:56 The State Controller’s race

20:23 What should we expect for turnout?

21:31 The 2022 California Primary had the most voters in a gubernatorial primary in history

26:36 Any surprises?

31:20 #WWCA

37:08 Endorsement watch

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