No. 77: Capitol Weekly’s Top 100

Illustration by Chris Shary

77. V. John White
V. John White is the executive director of the California Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies, which since 1990 has been pushing for ways to battle climate change while providing clean energy. Under White’s leadership, CEERT has sought to weave together utilities, private companies and non-governmental organizations into expanded cooperative arrangements. In 2016, for instance, CEERT encouraged the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, and the Imperial Irrigation District to increase resource sharing and cooperation between their systems and the statewide grid. Analysis by CEERT experts helped persuade PG&E that relicensing its Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant would be less economical for ratepayers than replacing the plant with a portfolio of clean-energy resources. White might be accurately labeled the state’s foremost advocate for making California the greenest state in the union, if it isn’t already there. He is the type of green-energy advocate that gives fossil fuel companies nightmares.

Updated Aug. 29, 2017

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