No. 68: Capitol Weekly’s Top 100

68. Rusty Hicks

Rusty Hicks (no relation to lobbyist Jodi, No. 69) is the executive director of one of America’s largest labor federations, the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor. Hicks is tasked with leading 300 unions and 800,000 members in the fight for labor and union rights. Hicks’ quick ascent is nearly unparalleled — he is still a couple birthdays away from turning 40. His family’s long history of public service inspired him to military servie: Hicks holds the rank of Lieutenant in the United States Navy Reserve and he served a year in Afghanistan in 2013. Outside of his work with the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, Hicks helped organize, qualify and pass Proposition 28 modifying legislative term limits in the California state legislature and served as the California Political Director for the 2008 Obama for America campaign.

Updated Aug. 15, 2o18

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