No. 98: Capitol Weekly’s Top 100

Illustration by Chris Shary

98. Michael Weinstein
AIDS activist Michael Weinstein is leading the charge on two controversial initiatives slated for the November ballot: Proposition 60, which would require the use of condoms in adult films, and Proposition 61, which limits the price state health programs can pay for prescription drugs. Weinstein is no stranger to the initiative process: In 1986, he helped organize a campaign against Prop. 64, a Lyndon LaRouche-sponsored ballot measure that would have allowed people with AIDS to be quarantined. Weinstein is the founder of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the largest global AIDS organization, which operates clinics in 36 countries. The AHF has so far spent $11 million in support of the two measures; opponents have put up nearly $70 million fighting them. While the work of the AHF has earned near-universal accolades, Weinstein is himself a polarizing figure. He’s earned enemies with what the L. A. times called his “hard-charging style,” and a recent petition to remove him from the AHF garnered more than 4,300 signatures. (Ed’s Note: Corrects signature count to more than 4,300.)

Updated August 10, 2016

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