No. 7: Capitol Weekly’s Top 100

Illustration by Chris Shary

7. Elaine Howle

Elaine Howle, who has been the state’s chief auditor for 17 years, follows the money and this year she followed it straight to the University of California where she found numerous problems with the institution’s budgeting. Howle’s scathing April report – “scathing” is an understatement – was only the most visible of the audits her office does routinely, year in and year out, of state agencies. The Bureau of State Audits also runs a hot line that people can call if they spot abuses. She has checked state finances through three administrations and has earned respect from both Republicans and Democrats. Howle, who got her MBA from Sacramento State, has more than three decades of auditing and leadership experience in the Auditor’s office. She reports to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, which commissions audits, and has taken initiative to examine redistricting, the prison system, water project financing, the State Bar, technology contracts, state university oversight, and an array of other issues.

Updated Aug. 29, 2o17

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