No. 19: Capitol Weekly’s Top 100

Illustration by Chris Shary

19. Charles Munger Jr.

Charles Munger Jr., a Stanford University physicist, seems to have it all— the smarts, the cash and even an iconic collection of bow ties. Big money runs in the family — his father is the business partner of billionaire investor Warren Buffet. As for the bow tie collection, let’s just say he looks the part of the Stanford physics professor. Munger is best-known for bankrolling causes near and dear to the heart of the California Republican Party. An interest in redistricting (spurred by his volunteer work on Steve Poizner’s 2004 Assembly campaign) led Munger to contribute over $12 million to Proposition 20, a 2010 ballot measure which established the nonpartisan Citizens Redistricting Commission. Last November, Munger (with former state Sen. Sam Blakeslee) was the driving force behind Proposition 54, a constitutional amendment requiring an increase in transparency for legislative actions, which ultimately passed. One of its provisions includes requiring bills to be in print for 72 hours before they are voted upon – a provision that already has had a significant impact in the Legislature.

Updated Aug. 29, 2017

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