No. 90: Capitol Weekly’s Top 100

Illustrations by Chris Shary

90. Amy Chance
As the political editor of the Sacramento Bee, Amy Chance influences the capital newspaper’s coverage of campaigns, the Legislature, the Brown administration, the bureaucracy, the lobbying community, and more. The Bee, like many newspapers, had a tough year this year, what with budget and staff cuts and the “reeducation” of the remaining reporters to better use social media to drive online traffic. But their Capitol Bureau still has the largest journalistic presence in Sacramento, and the recent round of layoffs and buyouts appears to have left the bureau unscathed. Indeed, the Bee has added a number of new reporters, and they answer to Bureau Chief Dan Smith, a veteran, aggressive journalist deeply knowledgeable about California politics. They’ve all got their work cut out for them: The L.A. Times maintains a major bureau in Sacramento, and the Bee-Times competition over state political coverage is intense.

Updated Aug. 29, 2o17

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