No. 56: Capitol Weekly’s Top 100

56. Amy Brown

Amy Brown may have insisted that her career was “over” following her bawdy performance at the California Roast of Assembly GOP leader Chad Mayes this year, but so far as we can tell, the star DiMare, Brown, Hicks and Kessler lobbyist hasn’t missed a beat yet. If Brown knows how to cut loose, she also commands respect as a go-to expert on pensions and retirement issues. Prior to her work with DBHK, she was a legislative representative for the League of California Cities, advocating on behalf of all 478 cities in the state. She travels the state constantly, conducting seminars on retirement issues and educating retirees – and others – about their options. So while she’s Sacramento-based, Brown also has something of a statewide profile – an unusual characteristic for a capitol lobbyist. She’s also handled workers compensation insurance issues – she served on the Commission on Health, Safety and Workers Compensation – and she helped draft major changes to the industry that former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law.

Updated Aug. 29, 2017

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