Transportation: the numbers

$1.4 billion amount of Proposition 42 funds for transportation in 2006-07 budget
307 billion vehicle-miles traveled on California’s roads in 2000
60 cents total amount in taxes-per-gallon of gasoline
41.6 cents amount California state taxes per-gallon of gasoline
2 number of states with higher gas taxes than California
50 number of years old the California Interstate Highway System turned this year
$116 billion amount in unfunded transportation projects identified by the California Transportation Commission in 2000
$19.9 billion size of the transportation bond, Proposition 1B
$ .125 billion amount of transportation bond dedicated to local bridge seismic retrofit
27 average number of minutes the typical Californian commutes each day
3 number of times high-speed-rail bond has been delayed
220 miles per hour top speed of proposed bullet train
$9 billion Caltrans annual budget
22,000 number of people employed by Caltrans

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