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Capitol Weekly’s Top 100

Another year, another Top 100 list, but there’s a big difference in this go-round: This is the first time we’ve put the list into a dedicated booklet and we think that’s pretty snazzy. The list, like Capitol Weekly itself, is now being published by the public benefit corporation Open California — and that’s cool, too.


Ron Loveridge: A local official with statewide presence

Ron Loveridge hasn’t been around forever, but sometimes it seems that way.

Loveridge is retiring after decades in public service that includes an unprecedented five terms as mayor of Riverside. But for a guy who built his career hundreds of miles from Sacramento, Loveridge has a remarkable profile in state government that extends far beyond


At the Movies

The Heat Directed by Paul Feig

One of the holy grails of the film industry is to produce a film that both halves of a couple might choose on date night, regardless of gender. There has been such a long running division between certain kinds of films that they prompt equally long running punchlines and

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