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Should Newsom be doing more to protect kids from social media harm?

Image by Eviart

During his time as governor, Gavin Newsom has not been shy about using the gubernatorial bully pulpit to prod lawmakers to take up causes he feels passionately about. Advocates for greater regulation of social media sites like Meta, X, Instagram and Tik Tok hope this is the year he does the same for their cause as well.


Climate change fight a matter of survival

Windmills at California's Tehachapi Pass. (Photo: Patrick Poendl, via Shutterstock)

OPINION: Not long ago, I would have told you that our smart phone addiction was a nuisance. I’d lament to my stepdaughters that they spend too much time staring at a 6-inch screen rather than making human connection. And I’d likely receive an eye roll and an “OK boomer” in reply.

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