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Gaming tribes make clear they’ll lead the way on sports betting in California

Image by Marko Aliaksandr

It might be a bit of an understatement to say the November 5 election is clouded by uncertainty. But there is one thing we know for certain: two years after the most expensive ballot campaign in U.S. history, California voters will not be considering another sports betting measure in 2024. Two more proposed sports wagering initiatives were submitted to the Attorney General’s office last fall. But the effort was abandoned, ensuring that the issue will not come before voters this year, according to tribal leaders.


Republicans’ California losing streak comparatively not that bad

Image by Melnikov Dmitriy

While the GOP’s California drought is unquestionably bad – Republicans have lost 38 consecutive statewide contests since 2008, the worst active streak for the party in any state – it actually pales in comparison to the Democrats’ current ineptitude in more than half a dozen states.


The tangled web of California cardrooms and third-party proposition players

Image by Netfalls Remy Musser

Confusion and complexity are features, not bugs, of the bizarre subculture of California cardrooms and their related entities, third-party proposition players (TPPPs), which tie cardrooms together into sprawling networks of interwoven gaming businesses that seem to work in concert with one another. But while the TPPP system is perfectly legal, some question where it is ethical.


California should be regulating kratom

Kratom leaves and various products, image by Here Asia

OPINION – The Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) has been enacted in 11 states – Utah, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Virginia, Florida, and Texas – and others are entertaining following suit. California – the largest consumer market for kratom, and its 40 million residents – should be one of those states.


California must keep creating the future

Energy transition, image by Olivier Le Moal

OPINION – In the coming years, we will learn whether California’s government, led by Newsom, will seize the moment to demonstrate the first fully funded, equitable transition off fossil fuels like oil and gas. If we do it right, workers will be the designers and implementers, and will have access to good-paying, union jobs for the long-haul.


Bonta bill would bar “geofence” warrants

Flat vector illustration created from paper cut elements, hand drawn doodles and textures depicting mass surveillance and thin line between privacy and security concept.

This led Assemblywoman Mia Bonta, D-Oakland, to introduce Assembly Bill 793, which seeks to bar tech companies from complying with new, controversial keyword search warrants that law enforcement agencies can use to reveal the sensitive online search results and/or geocoded locations of computer and smartphone users.

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