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Capitol debate brewing over beer

A stout beckons at a craft brewer's tasting. Photo: Maxy M., Shutterstock.

A debate is brewing in Sacramento over regulating California beer. “There has been a concern that there has been inadequate enforcement staff available,” said Assemblyman Wesley Chesbro, D-Arcata, whose district includes at least 15 breweries. The issue is whether the state’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has enough people to effectively regulate brewers, especially the increasingly popular craft brewing industry.


A nip for underage wine-making students

Some thirsty, underage students in California soon may be able to sip on a nice chardonnay or a robust porter — legally. The reason is newly introduced legislation that would allow students enrolled in accredited wine- and beer-making programs to take a nip. It’s called “sip-and-spit.” (Photo: Wine barrels in a cave near Santa Rosa. George Rose/Getty Images)


Beer lovers growling at new law

When Gov. Brown, flanked by a jug of beer and a happy lawmaker, signed AB 647, it seemed he was ushering in a new era for California’s craft breweries and the beer drinkers who enjoy them. Craft beer enthusiasts hoped the new law would make it easier for them to take a growler — a large, jug-like beer container — purchased at one brewery into a different one and have it refilled there, thus saving them the cost and space of purchasing a new container. (Photo: Visitor 7, Dunsmuir)

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