Political Fortune: Steve Westly

State Controller Steve Westly was born on Aug. 27, 1957, in Arcadia,
California. The Sun, Mercury, Pluto and Mars in Virgo show me that this man
is a perfectionist and he doesn’t miss much. Westly is his own worst critic,
and though he may not say it, he knows the pitfalls of government. Analyzing
people or situations is a common practice for him. Saturn in Sagittarius is
approximately 90 degrees away from all his planets in Virgo. This reveals
that his karma in this lifetime has to do with spirituality and the
difficult situations, or tests, that he faces. He will continue to overcome
these tests; some of his tests restrain him and some involve overcoming

The Moon, Jupiter, and Venus are in the sign of Libra. Now we see a
pleasant side of the personality that might be enhanced by partnerships or
trustworthy alliances. I would go so far as to say there could be an
appreciation for the fine arts and music, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he
played a musical instrument of some sort. These planets are very favorable,
but the downside is that they can cause this person to see life through
rose-colored glasses. I will say Westly is an honest and fair-minded man
without a doubt.

This chart does not have a birth time attached to it, so I have to read
where the planets were at birth and where they are now. But I lack the
ability to see which houses contain the incredible planets or the restricted
ones, and all I can see are the signs into which they fall. However, what
does stand out is that Steve Westly has 10 planets all within 120 degrees of
the chart, and 240 degrees of his chart is empty. This is where it is
important for the controller to surround himself with trustworthy people who
will help him see all sides of an issue. Also, with transiting planets
opposing the forces at play, he would be well advised to have strong and
trustworthy people to help protect him. Fortunately, most of the major
transits conjunct rather than oppose now, although Saturn has a few lessons
in store in about two years from now and Uranus just finished creating havoc
that might have lasted a few years. However, Jupiter has brought many
benefits this past year that can’t be ignored.

Astrologer Janice A. Stork served as a legislative aide in the California
Capitol for 32 years before retiring from the Senate in 2000. A Usui Shiki
Ryoho Reiki Master, she is the author of “Footprints of the Capitol

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