Political Fortune: John Laird

John Laird, Assembly member for the 27th District, was born with the sun in
Aries and the moon in Leo. This gives him leadership qualities (Leo) and the
ability to initiate activities and sponsor bills (Aries). This fire-sign
emphasis makes him popular due to his enthusiasm, zeal, optimism,
sociability, capacity to inspire and showmanship. With Uranus, the planet
that rules humanitarianism and the desire for change, in the tenth house of
occupation, he is liberal in his thinking with a natural urge to create a
more equitable society. This is the tendency if emphasized by Neptune, the
planet of sympathy and compassion, a rising in Libra (the sign of law) with
many trines (positive aspects). This makes him an ideal advocate to help
those less fortunate in our society.

He is an independent thinker as Mercury, ruling the conscious mind, is in
independent Aries in aspect to Uranus, the planet of independence. His
tendency to disregard convention in his judgment frees him to create new
solutions to old problems (especially as Uranus aspects every planet but one
in his chart).

He is emotionally intense as the moon (ruling the emotions) conjuncts Pluto.

He is also very assertive by nature with the sun and Mercury in Aries and
Mars, the planet of action, rising in the first house of personality. His
most difficult challenge would seem to involve this planetary combination,
as his Mars has difficult aspects inclining him to be too assertive, abrupt,
direct, and combative at times. This tendency is exacerbated by the fact
that he has no Saturn aspects, an unusual horoscopic factor that inclines
him to have to work hard to put brakes on his self-expression, and with Mars
in almost exact square to Uranus he may be subject to sudden outbursts.

However, Mars is in Libra, the sign of the balance, which mutes some of the
above tendencies. The sun and Mercury are in the seventh house of
partnerships (the house of Libra), so he is naturally inclined to seek
compromise in legislation and to pursue partnerships in both his personal
and private life, all of which may tone down his over-assertive tendencies.

A big plus for him is Venus in close conjunction with Jupiter, making him
very sociable and popular (this is one of the best aspects to have). With
the sun and Mercury in his seventh house of partnerships in trine (highly
positive) aspect to the moon and Pluto in the eleventh house of
organizations and committees, he is a natural for committee participation.

As mentioned, the Aries emphasis in his chart inclines him to initiate new
legislation. He has the confidence and will power (sun and moon both trine
Pluto) and leadership ability and organizational skills (moon in Leo) to
follow through on whatever bills he initiates.

Had Mr. Laird not chosen politics as a career, he could have succeeded in
the following fields: sales; running his own business (with a partner); or
heading a nonprofit organization with the goal to raise the consciousness of
society in the direction of liberal reform.

With transiting Neptune opposed to his natal moon at present, he may
experience frustrations in his legislative efforts until certain issues are
clarified. Most importantly, transiting Neptune will soon conjunct both his
natal Venus and Jupiter, powerful aspects that will tend to help him pass
liberal legislation. All in all, this is a good year for him as far as the
stars are concerned.

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