Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,
The way John Howard talks about “mired deep in partisanship” (“Educators brace for sharp budget knife,” Capitol Weekly, Jan. 8,) doesn’t really reflect the compromises made by the Dems, whose instincts are to close the budget gap with revenues, but have embraced a package of taxes and cuts.
The Republicans have not compromised in the slightest, and remain completely stuck in their rigid and murderous “no taxes” pledge. You are not alone in the press in fostering the illusion in the reading public that both sides are equally at fault, unwilling to budge, stubborn, etc., and the governor is happy to do the same.
But it is not the reality, and putting it that way only helps the  Republicans seem more reasonable than they are.
Fred Glass
California Federation of Teachers

Dear Editor,
Thank you for such a great review! I just wanted to let you know that the yogurt is house made from young coconuts and has no animal milk in it. With raw food it actually takes less energy for your body to break it down because the active enzymes don’t require your body to produce digestive enzymes & our catering company is called Synergy Catering. Magpie works out of the same kitchen we do but we are separate businesses. Thank you again and hope to see you soon!
Chef Rebeca Wise
Pure Joy Cafe

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