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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

It is alarming that the painful shrinking of the economy in the North Coast might be viewed by some as early compliance with the emission reduction goals of AB 32. (Capitol Weekly, "North Coast on track to meet AB 32 levels," Jan. 29).

Eliminating industries in a region does not reduce global emissions, it just transfers those emissions to other states or regions where industry can afford to operate. (If caused by regulations, this "leakage" of jobs and emissions would be a failure under AB 32 where minimizing leakage is a crucial goal.)

Also, the question for businesses and consumers in the North Coast region is not whether they have "already met" an emission reduction requirement, but rather whether cost-effective and technologically feasible reductions from current or prospective levels can be made to support the statewide goal. The Air Resources Board won't hold the North Coast harmless from new AB 32 regulations just because of its worsening economy.

Shelly Sullivan
Executive Director,
AB 32 Implementation Group

Department of Corrections

In the Feb. 5 story, "Senate doesn't feel like celebrating," two statements were incorrectly attributed to Jim Evans, spokesman for Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg. Evans did not say the vote by the Women's Caucus to cancel Women of the Year festivities was unanimous. He also did not comment on any involvement by the Pro Tem's office.

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