Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor,
I was saddened to see that awful depiction of our president in the Capitol Weekly (Pg. 3, April 21).

This letter is not a challenge to your First Amendment Rights, it is simply to convey to you that some things that hurt may not need to be repeated by the media to make a point.
African Americans have struggled with this label of less human all of our lives. This was the belief that allowed slavery to flourish, included in the constitution as 3/5 of a person and fed racist research in this country for so long measuring our brains to prove that our cephalic index was inferior.

Laws change but the residual pain remains. And to see this reprinted brings back to the surface that we have come a long ways but there are elements in American that refuse to accept as equal, including the leader of the world, our President.

We are demanding that the Republican, Tea Party and all other fair minded citizens join us in calling for the removal of Marilyn Davenport as she is not fit to be a leader in a free world where inclusion is our strength.

We simply ask of you, since a picture is worth a thousand words, for sensitivity as to its necessity.
Alice A. Huffman,
California State President, NAACP

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